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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Movie Date!

I and hubby usually watch movies when we see some good ones in the weekends at our nearby movie theater which is in Westminster. And of course, it would always be English movies.

But today, we thought of watching a Filipino movie at AMC Loews Rio Cinemas in Gaithersburg. This was actually our 2nd time to watch a Filipino movie; - ("Bride For Rent"). I always considered it as worth the time doing it because the hubby can understand it too! Thank God for subtitles! ;)

As usual, the movie was always better than what I expected it to be! There's always something good moral lesson that you can take from the movie which is a good thing. 

Although it's a bit quite of a long drive (an hour away from home), it's always worth looking forward to. This means if there will be one coming again worth watching, we will do it again. Just that this is the only movie theater that offers Filipino movies closest to us. We won't mind, an hour drive away.