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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Making Your Older Clothes Look Brand New

Are you with the dilemma on not having the cash to go on an all-out-shopping spree? Then, perhaps you might want to invest in 3 ultracurrent accessories to refresh what is in your closet. These outfits can be revolutionizing pieces.

Shoes: - From shoe colors of  any hue of red to brownish, to mahogany to scarlet is always a good combo. It is a color perfect with jeans and you can make that last gray and black basics perk up.

Chain Belt: - Use it with a tunic paired with jeans or with an old sweater dress. You can either choose to wear it with a delicate, skinny strand, or with a heavier metal with a longer and larger link to put a little edge into your feminine looks.

Rhinestone Necklace: - Try layer it up with a multistrand longer necklace over a turtleneck or simple shift dress.

 There you go...a good looking fashionista!