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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bedroom Entertainment! ;)

So, couple of weeks ago, I and my husband decided to go to the store to look for a Samsung camera charger because I couldn't find the charger at home. I thought I probably left it somewhere in a hotel while we were in one of our trips recently.

We didn't find a Samsung charger, but we found one that is compatible, so I just had to buy it rather than nothing! While we were still looking around the store, hubby just suddenly thought of getting a 32" TV and told me we can have it in our bedroom.

Our old RCA TV has been there for more than 8 years, and somewhat an old model with a small screen. But I think he wanted a LED TV with wider screen, and much clearer picture. 
Old TV

At first, we thought the length of the TV would be too long that would obstruct the door leading to my office, but it fits perfectly on the table stand and the length was just perfect! So, here it is! I first got to test it by watching one of my favorite shows at night. Cool! 

And oh, by the way, after buying that camera charger a day after, I found the original charger on our! How silly of me not to see it. It was plugged on the outlet beside the bed which happened to be hidden at the back of the bedside table.