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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quick Beauty Touch-Up Fixes Before a Meeting

For women who are business professionals, quick fixes don't need a lot of effort and can even make your personality more likeable.
Here are the ways how: - (they may not be 100% perfect for everyone, but it would surely help).

  • Skin - Use a nonpowdered blotting paper on your nose, forehead and chin to do away with shine. It can help degrease those areas without messing up your make up.
  • To sweep away any make up smudges, use a cotton swab. Start one lightly under your eyes, around the nose, and along the edges of your lips.
  • Squeeze a drop of serum, cream or hand lotion on your hair for frizzes or flyaways, and rub it with your palm.
  • Touch up your lipstick but just go easy on your gloss as it can be distracting if you overdo it.