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Friday, September 26, 2014

How To Survive As A Bridesmaid!

Being a bridesmaid is a one tough job. Although many consider it as an honor doing it for your BFF or you beloved sister, you'll have to be sure you're doing your duties well, and at the same time maintaining your sanity and your relationship with the bride behind that glamorous look!

During The Bridal Shower:

  • Be sure to offer your own ideas too, and just don't "dis" other bridesmaids' ideas.
  • Pick your battles carefully; - keep your focus about the bride. Like, does the bride likes Mexican food? how about guac? Say so, and deal with it.
  • Don't go too much on favors as people leave them on the table. How about putting on some toward food and games?
During The Bachelorette Party:
  • Instead of considering strip clubs or going to Vegas, why not consider a sleepover, karaoke or perhaps a cooking class which can be more fun? ;)...and neater!
  • Keep a privacy pact with the other bridesmaids to agree by not broadcasting one's behavior on any social media (Tweeter, facebook, youtube, etc..)
During The "Big Day":
  • You can be the bride's BFF by easing her nerves before the wedding ceremony. But be sure you're not crossing the line of doing somebody's job like the wedding planner.
  • Have fun but don't overdo it. Don't be too hands-on with your date on the dance floor. Treat your focus in balance with other people too. Also, careful with the bottomless glass of might wanna save it after the party.
Have fun! ;)