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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Food-Fighting Colds

Our grandma has always been teaching us aboutt some pantry cures for a case of the sniffles, but did you know that this is always true? Yes, it is backed by sience!! Here are the evidences:

Chicken soup. - It's the steam coming from the soup - with its magical blend of ingredients. This was suggested by one study. It helps clear out a stuffy nose.

Tea - Drinking a mug of hot tea will also help relieve congestion. Green and black teas may have anti-viral effects too, and have some anti-inflammatory effects as well which can help shrink inflamed tissues in your throat, according to Dr. Hagen.

Garlic - It has an anti-microbial effect although you have to eat a ton to get the virus-killing benefits :).

Orange Juice - it might not be the best bet but it can increase your fluids and vitamin C's, but according to a research, vitamin C's cold fighting effects isn't definitive. Just be watchful as it is high in calories, so just stick to one glass, then switch to tea or water.