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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Essential Wardrobes For Spring

Can't wait for spring to finally come! I know it feels we still have a long way to go through a lot of winter storms and snows before we could see the colorful nature pop out once again. But being a positive thinker myself, the harsh effects of winter will come to pass! ;)

And talking about wardrobe, while we have to endure the 3-4 layers (or even more) just to bundle up for winter, we can start preparing our shopping lists on what we can comfortably wear in spring with a simple yet classy look.

Here are some ideas I got from my valuable reads:

• Choosing bright accessories. You can choose to have bursts of colors that can punctuate your collections.
• Try a white blazer that are made of silk-linen. It can be worn with preppy polo shirts, - and can look crisp and clean.
• A high-wasted, wide-leg pants can be a perfect trend for you. You can pair it with a top that has a few frills, and you can even get that Summer of Love feeling. ;)
• A diaphanous dress. An ideal one would be a dress made of sheer cotton, silk or satin. This can feel light, soft and romantic.
• A white shirt. Choose a loose one, but not baggy, and pair it with indigo flared jeans.

There you go! You're good to go before spring comes.