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Friday, March 27, 2015

How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Who doesn't want to have a healthy lawn?...afterall, we all want to have a pretty home with a healthy lawn, isn't it?
If you love working on your lawn, you can lessen your traumatic stress by following some simple tricks that work:

First, be sure to sharpen the blade of your mower. A dull blade can destroy your grass, leaving jagged edges that will turn to brown, and can result to disease. Re-sharpen your blade anytime you hit a rock, a large branch or a root.

When trimming, don't cut too much at once. Just trim no more than 1/3 of the grass blades overall height at a time. At least a weekly mowing schedule can help you stay and maintain the 1/3 target. If you missed a week, raise the deck and make 2 shallow passes instead of a deep cut.

You can leave a grass lawn with 3-4 inches long. This way, it can block weeds, keeping the soil moist, and as it grows deeper can develop a drought-resistant roots. You can then make a shorter cut in the fall, making leaf-raking easier.

Vary your mowing pattern to avoid compacting the soil. If your mowing pattern will be left to right in the weekend, shift it to an up and down pattern the next time, and diagonally after that.