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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Rare Find!

So, ten days ago, while I and my husband was walking while doing a tour in Washington DC, we noticed a sparkling jewel on the pathwalk. The narrow road wasn't crowded but it was pretty busy that day because of the embassies having open houses for the public to visit at the nation's capital.
My husband picked it up, and gave it to me. I thought it was just an ordinary bangle, but it is a Michael Kors brand. I verified it from MK website online, and it was the real thing.

The bangle is a Bedford Gold-Tone Buckle Bangle. It is not that super expensive, but not super cheap either ;). I wore it on my wrist the same day we found it, and it's lock is really kinda loose, that it fell off my wrist several times. No wonder, the owner of this bangle lost it. :(

Since we didn't know who owns it, I just kept it. For sure, if we saw the bangle fell from a person's wrists, we would surely let her know, but it was on the ground without anyone close to it except us.

If you happened to be the owner, let me know...and please show me your purchase receipt just in case! ;)