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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Getting To Know Your "Cape May Diamonds"!

One interesting trip you should try is to visit Cape May, New Jersey and head down to Sunset Beach at the end tip of Sunset Blvd.
It is here where you can find a pure quartz crystal looking like a white frosted pebble, made out from a natural stone. These stones can be best seen and are often collected by many visitors just off-shore of Sunset Beach, close to the sunken ship, - the S.S. Atlantus. They come ashore continously making thousands of visitors each year to collect them.

Right where I am standing at is the actual area where these stones are located. When the stones are tumbled and cut, these quartz pebbles turn into clear sparkling gems and are called "Cape May Diamonds." The best time to collect is on cold, windy days or just after storms. It was windy when we were there, and some people were able to find some small pebbles ;). I got NADA!...I couldn't bear the cold and wind. Lol!

But if you are persistent enough to go "diamond hunting", - you need to have a sand shovel, a beach bucket and a beach sieve to shake off the sand! Most of the pebbles have typical sizes like that of a pea and comes with a variety of colors and shapes. But honestly, if you ever wonder if Cape May Diamonds are real, - the answer is NO! They are not actually diamonds at all, but just look like real diamonds when they are purely polished and cut!
The pair of earrings I bought costs 40 bucks! :) They are but great souvenirs to have though. They sell them at the gift shop close to the beach. Prices vary as some are made with pendants and bracelets, necklaces and rings attached to them.
The price can run up to $265 or more if attached to a 14K gold ring or pendant necklace with a 6-mm stone.

If you bought Cape May Diamonds jewelries, be aware that it needs cleaning maintenance, as it becomes cloudy, - a sign that needs to be cleaned. It is also recommended NOT to wear your jewelry while in the shower or washing the dishes because soap can dull the shine faster than when you normally wear it.
The most effective way of cleaning it is with water and Mr. Clean! But you can use Windex or other ammonia cleaners as well.
Use a soft toothbrush to clean it then rinse it in hot water, and dry. 
Then, back to the sparkles again! :)